Windows Phone is an operating system created by Microsoft to replace the two old versions called “Windows Mobile” and “Zune” that came before Windows Phone, It was first launched in October 2007.

We have a variety of downloads made specifically for windows phone and it’s users.

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What is a Windows Phone?

The Windows operating system was created by Microsoft, in 2007, as a replacement for two older systems called Windows Mobile and Zune. It can be installed on HTC, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, ZTE, and Nokia smartphones and tablets. The term ‘Windows download’ is used to refer to any tool, feature, or app which can be downloaded and installed on the Windows operating system.

How to open files downloaded to Windows Phone

To open a Windows download, simply tap the install interface once it has finished creating files on your phone, and it should launch immediately. In order to further manage Windows download files, you will need to use the official file management system (called Files) for Windows Phone 8.1.

APPX file format

After the launch of Windows Phone 8.1, the previously employed XAP file format is to be replaced with the APPX format. This is the file format which will be used to install apps on the Windows OS, the change was made so that Microsoft could further unify its app development platforms.

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