Blackberry OS is an operating system developed by Blackberry Smartphones company designed to fit their own devices. it was first launched in 1999.

Blackberry as gone a long way since it has started and now have a version that fits touch screens and keyboard based phones.

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What is a Blackberry OS?

The OS Blackberry is an operating system designed for smartphones and mobile email devices created by Research in Motion. It is made only to run on Blackberry devices. The term ‘Blackberry download’ is used to refer to any tool, feature, or app which can be downloaded and installed on the Blackberry operating system.

How to open a Blackberry downloaded file

Once you have a downloaded a file from the Blackberry browser, you can navigate to the download manager to locate and open it. In order to launch a download file, you only have to tap it twice. This should cause the file to launch automatically.

BAR file format

The BAR file extension is related to the Blackberry OS 10 operating system. This bar file format contains app installation packages for Blackberry phones and devices.

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