Using an Android (operating system made by Google) device is a popular choice, as for 2015 it is the most popular OS across mobile devices.

We have collected for you a big variety of downloads specifically made for Android.

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What is Android?

The Android operating system was created by Google, and can be installed on Asus, HTC, Sony, Acer, Samsung, Motorola, LG and many more smartphones and tablets manufactures. The term ‘Android download’ is used to refer to any tool, feature, or app which can be downloaded and installed on the Android operating system.

How to open a file downloaded on your Android?

To open an Android download, launch the Files app and navigate to the Download folder. A quick tap on a download file will start the launch process and it should open automatically.


The Android download files on this website have all been personally assessed and evaluated for viruses and malicious software. They were uploaded with care by our expert team, so that you can download them in a safe and secure manner.

APK file format

The ‘Android Application Package’ file is a format used to distribute and install apps and middleware onto the Google Android OS. These files resemble ZIP formatted package, based on the JAR format, with apk file extensions.

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