If you are someone who is very passionate about playing games, we have a variety of games that is devoted solely to java games of all kinds. This means that when you visit this page, you can literally go nuts, and have all the crazy fun you want to have with this fine collection of java games.

The java games that are posted at this page come in categories from general java games to touchscreen java games to java game choices beyond. You pick the one java game or ten java games you like best from the rest and play until you are burned out on Java.

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What is a Java game?

The term Java is used to refer to a high level programming language created by Sun Microsystems. It allows internet users to play online games, chat with people around the world, view 3D images, and much more. Plus, it is essential for many intranet applications and e-commerce resources. A Java game is an application which has been written in this programming language.

How to open a Java game

You do not need to open Java itself to be able to play a Java game, because it is just the programming language that the software has been written in. The quickest way to open a Java game is to double click or tap it, and your computer or mobile device should allow it to launch immediately.


The Java games on this website have all been personally assessed and evaluated for viruses and malicious software. They were uploaded with care by our expert team, so that you can download them in a safe and secure manner.

JAR file format

The Java file format is very often represented by the JAR file extension, which is used as a package file format for aggregating various Java class files and associated meta-data resources (for example, text or pictures) into a single file. The JAR extension represents archive files, built on the ZIP file format. A computer is usually able to utilize Zip based tools to extract JAR files.

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