What is great about java apps is their versatility. They can do literally dozens of things and come in a wide variety of categories. The java apps that are listed on this page are all special in different ways. This is because they can help you do many things in a good and easy way.

Some of the java apps can help you to password protect your cell phone, to do fun karaoke, download MP3s, the list goes on.

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What is a Java app?

The term Java is used to describe a sophisticated programming language which was created by Sun Microsystems. It enables internet users to play online games, talk to people in chatrooms and forums around the world, look at content in 3D, and much more. In addition, it is a vital component of many intranet applications and e-commerce tools. A Java app is a game, tool, or feature which has been written in this programming language.

How to open a Java app

You do not need to open Java itself to be able to interact with a Java app, because it is just the programming language that the software has been written in. The quickest way to open a Java app is to double click or tap it, and your computer or mobile device should allow it to launch immediately.

JAR file format

The Java file format is very often represented by the JAR file extension, which is used as a package file format for aggregating various Java class files and associated meta-data resources (for example, text or pictures) into a single file. This single file is then used to distribute app software or libraries on the Java platform.

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