How To Use Siri (iOS Personal Assistant)

Siri is a personal assistant brought directly to you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to do some of the work for you. Siri can do a number of various tasks that includes setting up reminders, checking the weather, writing emails, searching the internet, making phone calls, getting directions, and opening apps.

Access To Siri

Siri is easily accessible by holding down the home button of your device. Siri requires access to the internet to function. If you are in an area that does not have accessible Wi-Fi connections and you do not have a signal from your phone carrier, then you will be unable to use Siri, even if you just wanted Siri to set a reminder to get something from the grocery store.

If you attempt to use Siri while not connected to the internet you will see the message “Siri not available” with “connect to the internet” underneath it. If you get the above-mentioned message of unavailability on your device, then make sure you are not in “Airplane Mode”. “Airplane Mode” will turn off Wi-Fi and cellular service, which means you do not have access to the internet and will not have access to Siri.

Say hello to “Hey Siri”

If you are looking for an easier hands free experience then you could enable “Hey Siri”. “Hey Siri” is similar to Google’s “Ok Google” available on Android devices and Microsoft’s “Hey Cortana”. Microsoft’s “Hey Cortana” is available on select Windows phones and will be available with the Windows 10 release. This could give you a point of reference in giving voice commands on a phone.

By default “Hey Siri” is turned off. To enable “Hey Siri” you will need to tap on Settings first followed by General and then Siri on your device. Next to Allow “Hey Siri” tap the slider to turn on “Hey Siri”. Hey Siri” will give you the same functionality as Siri without the need to press any buttons.

Customizing Siri’s language

You can make additional customizations to Siri to give you a more personal experience. You will need to follow the same directions to enable “Hey Siri”. Once there you will have the ability to change the Language, the Voice Gender, Voice Feedback, and My Info.

You will get a choice from several different languages, choose the one you desire.
Up until today these are the languages Siri supports:

English Variants

Other Languages

Other changes that can be made

Gender – If you are tired of listening to Siri in a female voice or just want something different you can change the Voice Gender to a male voice. If the Voice Gender is set to male, then you can change it to female.

Siri’s Voice – Voice Feedback can be set to always be on by choosing the option “Always”. If “Always” is selected then you will be able hear all of Siri’s response at all times. If you only want to hear Siri’s responses when you are using one of the hands free options, then you could alternatively choose the “Hands free only”. The “Hands free only” option is good if you want privacy while listening to Siri.

Tailor To Your Needs – The “My Info” will allow you to tell Siri who she or he is speaking to. The “My Info” will utilize the contact information stored on the contact you have chosen. If you have “My Info” set to yourself and you ask Siri to call your Uncle or another relative then it will pull that information from your contact information on the device. Additionally this would be helpful if you allow a friend or family member to use your phone. For instance, your child has your phone and they ask Siri to call “Mom”. Since Siri knows who they are talking with, then she knows what number to dial. This setting will allow Siri to tailor her responses to each individual person who uses your phone.

Technical Requirements

In addition to needing internet access there are a few other limitations with getting access to Siri. To utilize Siri you would need to have an iPhone 4S or later model, an iPad 3rd Gen or later model, an iPad mini, or a 5th Gen iPod touch. Earlier models of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch do not have access to Siri.

Enjoy Using Siri!

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