Google Nexus 5

How To Root Your Google Nexus 5 Device

Rooting your Nexus device gives you a wide range of new possibilities. You will have access to custom apps from Google Play and pirate apps designed to customize your phone even more like recording a video of your screen and gaining full control and the ability to customize the notification light at the bottom of every Nexus 5 mobile device.

After your device is rooted you also have the option to flash a custom ROMs like AOKP which is a completely different operating system as well as installing mods that will make your phone look much different then the original instillation.

Rooting a Nexus device is one of the easiest devices to root so you are in luck, here is how to root your devices in easy step by step:

# 1. Enable USB Debugging

Grab your Nexus device and get to Settings > Developer options, then check the USB debugging option and switch it on. this will allow your computer later to control your phone and communicate with its system.

* note: as you first get your Nexus device the Developer options section will be invisible to you, in order to unlock the option on your settings page, go in About Phone, scroll all the way down and click on Build number for a several times until it is unlocked.

# 2. Download CF-Auto-Root to Your Computer

A great tool used for rooting your device is Chainfire’s rooting tool and it’s the one were gonna use during this guide. you can download it free at their download page by clicking here: download the rooting tool, you will find the link at the bottom of the page.
after downloading it, extract the .zip file on your computer, preferably create a new folder and extract everything in there.

# 3. Booting Your Device into Bootloader Mode

Turn off your Nexus 5 device and then after the device is turned off hold the Volume Down and Power key at the same time, this should boot your device into bootloader mode and you will see a black screen with the symbol of Android on his side.

# 4. Launch CF-Auto-Root

Use a micro USB cable to connect your device to your computer and navigate to the folder where you first unzipped the tool. while in the folder itself, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, right click your mouse and select the option “Open command window here”.
when the command window pops up type in it: root-windows.bat

# 5. Following Instructions

The command window will give you instructions on the rest of your way, the first step will be trying to unlock your bootloader, a necessary and important step for rooting your device.

* Warning: If your bootloader is not already unlocked this step will delete all the data you have on your device, this will leave you only with the factory settings and wipe everything else from your device. if you don’t know if your bootloader is locked or not, just take a look at the bottom of your device now that it’s in boot mode, you should see one of these options: Lock State – Locked or Lock State – Unlocked.

After you type the command in all that’s left is wait and let the process work by itself.
Your phone will reboot and a red Android logo will appear, your device is now rooted!

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