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How To Achieve The Longest Battery LIfe For Your iPad

Maximizing your battery life is crucial in many cases you need to have your iPad with you fully functioning for as long as you. here are a few tips that will help you achieve longer battery life.

Background refreshing app

One of the batteries biggest drainers is the background refreshing app.
If you are finding the battery life of your iPad draining faster than you think it should, it probably is.

There are programs running in the background you probably aren’t even aware of. For example; BAR (background app refresh) a great feature allowing apps on your device to refresh as the latest information becomes available for them. It is a great feature, a layer of intelligence added to your iPad; however it drains a lot of battery. If you are losing battery life or consuming too much data, background refresh app can be turned off, here is how to do turn of BAR:

If you are not comfortable stopping the BAR as you want to be sure all apps are updated and ready for use the next time you access them- there are other apps to turn off in the background you may feel more comfortable closing.


The WiFi app runs continuously in the background unless you select to turn it off. The continuous search for WiFi being done will drain your battery. If you are not using the internet and do not plan to immediately, closing the WiFi connection can conserve battery life by switching off the WiFi app.
Turn off WiFi:

Turn off Data Push

With the Data Push app, data such as email is automatically pushed from the web to your iPad email file if it is connected to the internet. Wireless networking always causes a drain on the battery, and if you are not using it, can be turned off to conserve the life of your battery.
Turn Data Push off:

Retrieve your mail less often

If you have disabled the Data Push and want to get your mail, you are going to have to tell your iPad how often to check your email account. As with all internet activity, the less it is used, the longer the battery will last. Depending on your personal need to check email messages, you can set the time to a less frequent setting.
Adjust the Retrieve Mail setting:

Turn off 3G

Not all iPads have the 3G feature but those that have it will run down the battery considerably with the ‘always on internet’ feature. If you do not need the internet, turning this app off will conserve battery life.
Turn off 3G:

Reducing Brightness of Screen

The brightness of the screen is controlled under the settings tab where a default is set. The brighter you have the screen set, the more battery life will be eaten up. The dimmer you can set your iPad, the more battery you can conserve. You can tweak this setting to a brightness you are comfortable with.
Reduce Screen Brightness:

Turn off the Equalizer

An iPad has a built in music equalizer to automatically adjust settings like the bass and treble. This app helps to make your music sound better as it offers more than a dozen equalizer settings such as; dance, pop, bass reducer, acoustic and rock. You are able to use this setting to set it to the type of music you prefer to obtain the best sound. This app does have a lot to offer for music buffs and will drain your iPad’s battery. For the most part, you can probably use your iPad without this feature to save your battery life.
Turn off Equalizer:

Turn off the BlueTooth

At this point you should be getting the idea that wireless networking will drain your battery, and by keeping some of them ‘off’ will prolong your battery life. The BlueTooth feature is another of those that can be turned off to save battery life. A BlueTooth feature will allow you to connect several different devices to each other such as; keyboards, printers, mouse, speakers and others to your iPad. Just like other features, if you do not need to use it, turn it off.
Turn off Bluetooth:

Turn off Location Services

An iPad uses a wireless communication called, location services. This communication is what powers the GPS in the device. The GPS allows for location based apps such as; Maps, Safari, Camera and others to use information that determines your approximate location. This would be useful if for example you are trying to locate a specific address, or need direction to an address. This feature is another of those you don’t need draining your battery if you are not using it.
Turn off Locations Services:


How quickly your iPad screen locks when it is not being used is set by you through a default setting. The less time it remains active, the less battery life is consumed. This setting can be changed by you to conserve the battery.
Adjust Auto-Lock Time:


iPad’s have a feature where it automatically adjust to the brightness of the room it is in. This feature can benefit the battery as it will automatically reduce the battery usage when it dims. This is a feature you will want to make sure is enabled.
Enable the Auto-Brightness:

iPads for the most part have a good battery life, but they can be tweaked by some of the listed features to increase it to an even better life. Look over the features provided by those listed and if you do not need them to be running in your background, turn them off and extend the life of your battery considerably.

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