This page is the doorway to your choice of 3GP videos.
Here you have a big selection between sports, music videos, your favorite cartoons, 3gp videos by language and much more.

There is a little bit here for everyone. So take your time and peruse our assortment of videos.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll see things you never thought you’d see that you could download and put on your phone.

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What is 3gp?

3GP, also known as 3GPP file format is a type of file containing multimedia that can be played across 3G mobile devices. some devices support this file format even if they are only 2GP or 4Gp.

3GP stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

How to open a 3GP file

as with any kind of multimedia file the easiest way to use it is to tap it on your mobile device or double click in your computer and try to see what the device is telling you, most chances it’s gonna open in a multimedia player you have installed or let you choose from the players you have installed on your machine.


If you find it difficult to use 3GP file type you can use an online conversion script or download a software to convert it to another file type of your choosing such as: AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLI and so on.


All the 3GP files on the site has been uploaded by our team and been checked for viruses and malicious software, you can download with confidence.

File name extensions

Video: MPEG-4, H.263 — Audio: AAC, AMR

3G2 file format

3G2 is very similar to 3GP and has the same capabilities plus a few more. in addition to all what 3GP can do, 3G2 can also store audio streams as EVRC-B, EVRC, EVRC-WB, SMV and a few more.

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