Wav ringtones are widely used and very popular. The ringtones that are on this page are each unique for their own reasons. They are wav ringtones that have just the right sound wave for use with one’s cellphone. When it comes to having your own ringtone, not every ringtone will do, and you need just the right one. This web page offers many opportunities.

The wav ringtones on this page do vary one from the other. However, the thing which makes them stand out most is each has its very own defining sound wave. Variety is indeed the spice of life, and this applies, with these excellent wav ringtone selections that are available here.

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What is a WAV ringtone?

The term WAV is used to refer to an audio file format that was created by Microsoft. These days, it is so widely used that it is often called a standard PC audio file. It allows content developers to move audio files between platforms. If you have a WAV ringtone, it is an audio file in this format.

How to open a WAV ringtone

The easiest way to open a WAV ringtone is to double click or tap it, and let your computer or mobile device decide which tool is the most suitable for opening it. The tools that can open WAV files include Windows Media Player, VLC Player and probably any media or audio player as this format is very popular.


If you do not have a tool on your mobile device or computer with the power to open WAV ringtones, you can convert this file type into MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG, and more using an online conversion script or third party app.

WAV file format

The WAV (or WAVE) file format is primarily used in computers, and has been accepted as a suitable interchange medium for additional platforms like the Apple MAC. The extension used to denote this file format is WAV.

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