The midi ringtones at this page were posted to this website for a reason. They were placed there to bring people lots of entertainment and enjoyment in a number of ways. The midi ringtones here each make their own creative statement.

These midi ringtones are great in that they do more than just ring up your phone. They also ring up your life in a major way. Having just the right midi ringtone for one’s phone is just as important, as anything else that brings one happiness each and every day.

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What is a MIDI ringtone?

The term Midi is used to describe data composed using sequenced MIDI recordings. It can be saved as a standard MIDI file (or SMF), then digitally distributed, and recreated by any computer or electronic tool. The MIDI file format is smaller than most standard audio files. If you have a MIDI ringtone, it is an audio file in this format.

How to open a MIDI ringtone

The easiest way to open a MIDI ringtone is to double click or tap it, and let your computer or mobile device decide which tool is the most suitable for opening it. The tools that can open MIDI files include Windows Media Player, VLC Player and more.


If you do not have a tool on your mobile device or computer with the power to open MIDI ringtones, you can convert this file type into MP3, WAV, AC3, APE, FLAC, and more using an online conversion script or third party app.

SMF file format

The MIDI file format is a popular choice for music on the internet, and for musicians performing in clubs who need a little extra audio support. The format contains all of the instructions for notes, volumes, sounds, and effects. The extension used to denote this file format is *.mid or .SMF.

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