AMR ringtones are very special ringtone files unto themselves. What is great about this page is that you get a very nice selection of AMR ringtones that are popular and outstanding for their own merit.

This page gives you the ability to select the best AMR ringtone for your mobile. You are the only person who can decide which ringtone you like best and this page gives you the power to make the best AMR ringtone decision.

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What is an AMR ringtone?

The term AMR is short for ‘Adaptive Multi-Rate’, which is an audio compressed file format which was made the standard speech codec of 3gp in 1999. It is widely used in GSM and other cellular networks, a ringtone with AMR file format means it is a sound file which only devices with the ability to open AMR files can handle.

How to open an AMR ringtone

The quickest way to open an AMR ringtone is to double click or tap it, and let your computer or mobile device decide which tool is the most suitable for opening it. The tools that can open AMR files include QuickTime, RealPlayer and more.

AMR file format

The AMR file format has been specially optimized for speech coding. In fact, it was adopted as the standard speech codec in 1999 for 3gp files, and is now broadly employed in GSM and UMTS. The extension used to denote this file format is usually AMR.

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