What is great about having a great ringtone on one’s cellphone is obvious. They bring music into life for just a brief second with the wonderful sound of a special ringtone. The AAC ringtones that are posted at this page do this and then some. Because each one of them has its own unique ringtone that is true music to the ears, even if this music, only comes across when the phone jingles.

The AAC ringtones here are all about one of a kind ringtones with a purpose. The purpose is to bring you the popular music of awesome singers and other special ringtone sound effects. These ringtones help you de-stress and promote ring-able happiness.

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What is an AAC ringtone?

The term AAC refers to ‘Advanced Audio Coding,’ which is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. It was originally designed to be the successor to MP3, and AAC is widely believed to have a higher sound quality than MPEG. If you have an AAC ringtone, it is an audio file in this format.

How to open an AAC ringtone

The easiest way to open an AAC ringtone is to double click or tap it, and let your computer or mobile device decide which tool is the most suitable for opening it. The tools that can open WAV files include Windows Media Player, RealTime, BSPLayer and more.

AAC file format

The AAC file format is used for the purposes of audio coding at medium to high bit rates. The AAC algorithm exploits two key coding strategies to significantly lower the amount of data needed to produce high quality audio. The extension used to denote this file format is AAC.

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